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Project Showcase

The finished Wedding Chest!

The finished treasure chest.

Current Winner

We are pleased to select Ryan Kent as our Project Showcase winner. He built a unique gift for his brother's wedding and finished it with Minwax® products to bring out the wood's beauty and protect it for many years. The newlyweds were thrilled! We are also thrilled to have Ryan as the Project Showcase winner. His creativity and craftsmanship are an inspiration to all of us!

Dear Minwax,

I wanted to craft something unique and special for my brother's wedding. I knew it had to outlast its initial purpose to be worthy and I wanted a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting result. So, I decided to make a treasure chest for gift table at the wedding reception.

I began by building an antique-style barrel-top chest with pine. Slowly, I pieced the chest together into two main sections and riveted the lid together in brass. Once in place I carved, shaped, and smoothed out the drop-slot (for cards/cash and such). Then after sanding all the wood I began the artwork design that would ultimately be hand-engraved. Hours and hours of work later I had conjured, mapped, drawn, carved, chipped, and filed my way to a polished look.

After cleaning the surface, I used Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to treat the two sections, followed by two coats of Minwax Wood Finish Gunstock (stirred, not shaken). Both were applied with a foam brush, but it gave me mixed results. Next time I plan to use a Minwax Wood Finish Stain Brush that matches the quality of the product and project I'm working with.

Following the directions on the label, I discarded all my brushes and picked up a new Minwax Polyurethane 1- 1/2" Brush to use with my Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Clear Gloss. Between the two coats and dry time, I fell in love with how great the brush was. Smooth, even, perfect the way I wanted. Clean-up was a breeze with a little paint thinner.

Last of all I put the custom brass hardware and fittings in place. A lid support, hinges, chest straps, corner caps, handles, and a keyed safety latch to keep its future contents safe.

Their reaction at the reception was of shock and disbelief with genuine gratitude. The smiles and joy made every ounce of effort worth it. Making that moment happen required the best. To make the best quality I put in the time. I invested in that quality when I finished with Minwax.

Thank you for helping me draw out my finest work.

Ryan Kent
Morton, IL