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Project Showcase — Past Winners

Open Desk

Daniel Blackmon's Woodworking Passion

We are pleased to select Daniel Blackmon as our Project Showcase winner. Daniel's passion for woodworking is demonstrated in the beautiful pieces he designs, builds, and finishes. The secretary desk and matching clock he built for his wife are just some examples of Daniel's work. Simply beautiful!

Dear Minwax,

I designed and built this desk and matching clock for my wife Janet. The carvings were done on a Carvewright machine - a computer controlled hobby carving machine. First, I designed them on a virtual piece of wood on the computer. Then I uploaded the information from the designer program to a memory card and placed it in the machine. The machine carves the design on real wood!

My wife helped with the staining of the carved areas. We used Minwax Gel Stain in Aged Oak to make the carvings stand out. We chose the Gel Stain so it wouldn't soak into the endgrain around the carved area (the desk is made from red oak, which is a porous wood). Here's the tip: always use Gel Stain on areas where you don't want the stain bleeding into other parts of the project, such as end grain.

After staining the carvings, we applied 3 coats of Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane semi-gloss over the entire piece, sanding between the coats. The poly finish really brings out the beauty of the red oak wood!

Best regards,

Daniel Blackmon
Holden, MO