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Project Showcase — Past Winners

Sims faux finishes
Minwax Products Used

Sims faux finishes
Sims faux finishes

Frances Ann Tyler Sims's Faux Finishes

We happily honor Frances Ann Tyler Sims of Detroit, Michigan, who sent us two projects recently, both using Minwax products to create faux finishes. Thank you, Frances, for sharing your projects with us.

Dear Minwax®,

I used two colors of Gel Stain in a very simple two-step process to create a faux wood finish for small furniture items such as tables. I have found Gel Stain to be ideal for other type of faux finishes, not just wood.

I used Gel Stain in Antique Maple and Walnut to create a faux brick on my living room wall. I used the stains to create a faux wood and stone finish on my fireplace. What a great product!

I bought a can of Minwax Gel Stain in antique maple on the clearance rack at Home Depot last year. I was not sure what I was going to use it for but I am not one to resist a bargain.

Initially I used I for antiquing and restoring faded wood surfaces and it did an excellent job. The consistency is wonderful and it has the ability to soften the finish of other faux finishes. I really wanted to try wood graining but was daunted by the expense of the tools as well as the artist oils usually recommended. I was also concerned about the end results. Would I go through this expense only to have my project look horrendous? Additionally the wood raining tools gave too much of an artificial wood effect.

Although I am a former teacher and quilt artist, I recently began making my own furniture from particleboard that really pushed me into trying wood graining. I bought a can of walnut gel stain and started working.

I came up with a very simple two step process which would be hard for anyone to mess up and with very pleasing results. I have also not used any special tools. I rent a room in an antiques and collectables mall where I sell many of the things that I make including my quilts. I recently began making and selling tables there and have sold out twice. They may be in a gallery show shortly as well. Additionally, I did a faux brick wall and a faux wood and stone fireplace in my home with gel stain.

I have included some photos of a small portion of my gel stain projects in various stages of completion. The most amazing thing is that all of it was done with the same cans of gel stain!

I bought some more gel stain and have already started more projects since the photos were taken. I wonder if gel stain in other colors is being considered? I can only imagine what effect could be created if colors such as blue and red could be included.

Thanks for making a great product!
Frances Ann Tyler Sims
Detroit, MI