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Project Showcase — Past Winners

Lou Justin's Hardwood Floor Inlay
Minwax Products Used

Lou Justin's Hardwood Floor Inlay

We're pleased to select Lou Justin of Holly, MI for our Wood Finishing Showcase. Lou's project is a decorative hardwood floor Inlay Medallion.

Dear Minwax,

My First project is a 25" floor medallion. I figured out a way to make "tessellated" free form tiles using custom router templates that I make in my shop. When I create project from a single wood species I usually stain and urethane. This projects I used Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Hard Maple. Therefore, I just decided to add a urethane finish and not mess with contrasting wood colors. I am really bad when it comes to final finish. I used Minwax Wipe On Poly! I think you should call it "urethane for dummies". I would have tried it sooner! It's the easiest and most foolproof urethane I ever used!

Lou Justin
Holly, MI