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Project Showcase — Past Winners

Applegate before

Ron Applegate's Copycat Table

We're pleased to select Ron Applegate of Goodrich, MI for our Wood Finishing Showcase. His Copycat Table is really amazing.

Ron's daughter, Catherine Doll, submitted his table to us. Thank you, Cathy, for sharing your father's project with us.

A woodworker at heart and employed by General Motors for 36 years, when retirement last year provided Ron Applegate with the time to spend in his workshop, he was raring to go. While finishing up the last of projects requested by wife Sue, Christmas present requests were made by his daughters. Not just simple requests, but large furniture type requests.

One of his daughters requested a piece she'd seen in a high-end furniture store. After reviewing the piece, an apothecary table, Ron made modifications and began working. Although the piece in the store was pine, Ron used solid oak. To retain the natural colors and grain, he used Minwax® Wood Finish™ to provide the long-lasting wood tone color.

With a five-year-old grandson crashing cars and construction equipment into it, Ron knew it had to be durable as well as beautiful. According to Cathy, Ron said that, after construction of the table, "he 1) prepped it 2) applied a coating of the wood hardener 3) lightly sanded 4) applied another coat of hardener 5) more light sanding. He then stained and used four coats of polyurethane. He used the wood hardener to 'join the grain' and make it as durable as possible." She notes, "Actually, so far so good as construction equipment and a coffee cup has been dropped on it, juice spilled and the use of pencils without anything under the paper.