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A Real Sleeper

True beauty discovered under layers of paint

When you’re looking for an elegant antique with all the signs of graceful aging, it’s easy to pass on a piece covered in old paint. But you could miss a real treasure. On a day of ”tag sale-ing,“ the new owners of this turn-of-the-century corkscrew bed almost drove home without it. But when they took a closer look, and they felt how sturdy and hefty it was, they realized there was something special under all that paint, namely solid hardwood and fine craftsmanship. They couldn’t leave without it.

After the old paint was removed, the maple needed only a light sanding to prep it for staining and topcoating, while still preserving the patina. To enhance the wood’s grain, they applied a coat of Minwax® Wood Finish™ English Chestnut. After two coats of Minwax® Clear Brushing Lacquer in a semi-gloss sheen, the restoration was complete. They’d successfully taken the old bed all the way from “sleeper” to elegant antique.

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