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Style on the Side

A simple recipe for do-it-yourself dining room furniture

If you’re looking for a practical way to bring style and flair into your dining room, unfinished furniture is a great solution. With a little imagination and Minwax® stains and finishes, you can create dazzling dining room furniture that’s inexpensive and easy to achieve.

To build an elegant breakfront like the one you see here, start with two pine bookcases. They’re affordable and easy to find at any unfinished furniture store. After that, you can customize the unit any way you like to suit your room and personal style. Simply use pine shelving to tie everything together into a seamless, cohesive piece. To achieve the rich color of this breakfront, use two coats of Minwax® Polyshades® Bombay Mahogany in a gloss sheen. It’s that easy.

This idea works just as well outside the dining room. It can become an entertainment center for your living room, or a decorative way to display your collection of books and photos. However you choose to use it, you’ll have a smart, sophisticated piece that gives you plenty of storage.

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