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Create a convenient laundry center

A great way to bring a room to life is by using familiar pieces in new and unique ways. This laundry room storage unit is an example of how creative thinking can make a simple, inexpensive project look extremely sophisticated and expensive. All it takes is two unfinished wood bookcases, some oak veneer plywood, crown molding and Minwax® products to complete the look.

Simply turn the two bookcases upside down and cut holes for plumbing and electrical outlets. Create shelf space by using oak-veneer plywood in the space between the two cabinets, and along the back of the newly created shelves. Crown molding goes along the top and base to create the illusion that it’s all one uniform piece.

To get the beautiful, rich warm tone, this piece was stained with Minwax® Gel Stain Honey Maple. And since the laundry room is a particularly wet environment, it was topcoated with Minwax® Helmsman® Spar Urethane in a semi-gloss sheen. When complete, you have an economical piece that handles all your storage needs while still looking beautiful. In just a day or two, you have customized cabinetry, perfect for any laundry room.

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