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How to Finish Wood in 3 Easy Steps

In this edition of "Just Ask Bruce" from Minwax®, Dave has an old nightstand that needs refinishing and some basic repairs. Instead of buying a new one, he wants to recycle this old piece of furniture to save money and fix it up to last a lifetime Minwax® expert Bruce Johnson walks us through a simple, three-step wood finishing process to help Dave with his project:

  1. Start by sanding the wood with 120-grit, then moving to a 220-grit sandpaper.
  2. Use a pre-stain wood conditioner to ensure the stain applies and dries evenly, without blotches.
  3. Apply a wood stain in your favorite shade with a natural bristle brush, along the direction of the grain.
  4. Add a coat of clear protective finish for that extra bit of shine and long-lasting protection.

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