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Choosing the Perfect Stain Color

Wood finishing expert Bruce Johnson is here to answer questions from readers of his blog. In this edition of Just Ask Bruce, Jeff from Philadelphia asks for advice on staining his unfinished end table. The solution? Minwax Wood Finish stains

Whether you’re wondering how to pick the perfect color, which stain works best for a project, or how to properly stain your unfinished wood, Bruce has the answer. Watch as Bruce demonstrates how to properly use Minwax Wood Finish and provide tips on best practices for completing a beautiful wood finishing project.

Minwax Wood Finish comes in 26 different colors that can be darkened, lightened or mixed into a custom color of your preference. Minwax Wood Finish is designed for easy application, penetrates deep into the wood’s pores and enhances the natural wood grain of any wood surface. . It’s great for use on anything from unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors, trim to hardwood floors!

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