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Helmsman® Teak Oil

Minwax® Helmsman® Teak Oil


Helmsman® Teak Oil protects dense woods and enhances wood grain by penetrating into wood pores, restoring the wood's natural warmth and richness.

  • Apply periodically to refresh your dense woods and help protect them from UV rays.
  • Helmsman® Teak oil is recommended for outdoor and indoor wood furniture, and marine surfaces above the water line.

Product Details

Application Tool: brush or cloth
Dry Time: 6-8 hours
Cleanup: mineral spirits or paint thinner according to manufacturer’s safety recommendations
Coverage: 125-150 sq. ft. per quart
Coats: 1-2
Recommended Uses: outdoor and indoor wood furniture and wood surfaces above the water line

* Not for use on outdoor decks, below waterline wood surfaces, and interior floors.

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WARNING! Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment such as a properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. For more information, call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (in US) or contact your local health authority.

Surface Preparation:

  1. Surface must be dry and free of old finishes such as varnish, paint, polish, wax, grease, dirt, and subsurface moisture.
  2. If desired, sand to obtain smooth, uniform surface.


  1. Lightly shake container for 15 – 20 seconds.
  2. Brush or wipe on a generous amount of Helmsman® Teak Oil.
  3. Allow Helmsman® Teak Oil to penetrate into wood for 5 – 10 minutes. Do not wipe off any excess.
  4. Apply a second coat and leave on for an additional 15 – 20 minutes. (Do not leave product on wood in excess of 30 minutes total.)
  5. Wipe surface completely dry.
  6. Ready for use in 6 – 8 hours.

CLEANUP: Use mineral spirits or paint thinner following manufacturer's safety recommendations.

COVERAGE: 125 – 150 sq. ft. per quart.

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Note: Above dry times and coverage rates are based on good ventilation, temperature of 77° and 50% relative humidity. Lower temperature, higher humidity, lack of ventilation will extend dry times. Always spot test on inconspicuous area to ensure satisfactory results.

Maintenance: Periodically reapply Helmsman® Teak Oil to dry, worn out wood in order to restore the effectiveness of the finish.

DANGER: Rags, steel wool, other waste soaked with this product, and sanding residue may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately place rags, steel wool, other waste soaked with this product, and sanding residue in a sealed, water-filled, metal container. Dispose of in accordance with local fire regulations.


Contents are COMBUSTIBLE. Keep away from heat and open flame.

VAPOR HARMFUL. Use only with adequate ventilation. To avoid overexposure, open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, increase fresh air, or wear respiratory protection (NIOSH approved) or leave the area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after using. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.

FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of respiratory difficulty, provide fresh air and call physician. If swallowed, call Poison Control Center, hospital emergency room, or physician immediately.

DELAYED EFFECTS FROM LONG TERM OVEREXPOSURE. Contains solvents which can cause permanent brain and nervous system damage. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces is Helmsman® Teak Oil recommended for?

Helmsman® Teak Oil is great for indoor and outdoor furniture made from hardwoods and on marine wood surfaces above the waterline.

Can I apply Helmsman® Teak Oil to wood floors or outdoor decks?

No. Helmsman® Teak Oil is not recommended for wood floors or outdoor decks. Helmsman® Teak Oil protects dense woods from moisture and UV rays by penetrating into the wood pores. Helmsman® Teak Oil is not recommended for use on floors. For hardwood floors, we recommend products such as Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane. For outdoor decks try Thompson's® Water Seal®.

Does Helmsman® Teak Oil contain UV inhibitors?

Yes, Helmsman® Teak Oil does contain UV protection to delay the sun from graying the wood over time.

Should Helmsman® Teak Oil be applied repeatedly?

Yes. Helmsman® Teak Oil should be reapplied whenever the wood appears to be dry or worn out in order to restore the effectiveness of the finish.

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