Floor Refreshed

hardwood floor

Floor Refreshed

Refinishing turns dull into delightful

One of the most dramatic ways to update the look and feel of any room, is by changing the color of your hardwood floor. Your first decision is color. Lighter shades create a sense of space and airiness. For a warmer, cozier look, opt for a darker color.

The old red oak floor shown here had a dull color and traffic-worn finish from many years of wear and tear. No floor finish lasts forever, and now it was time to refinish. Sanding off the old finish brought bare oak to the surface, readying it for staining and top coating. A coat of Minwax® Wood Finish™ English Chestnut gave the oak instant richness and color that warmed up the look of the room. To enhance and protect the fresh look, Minwax® Water-Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane in a semi-gloss sheen was applied.

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