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Interior Clear Finishes

Durable protective finishes that provide long-lasting beauty and protection to any interior wood surface.

Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane

An oil-based, durable protective finish that provides long-lasting beauty and protection to any interior wood surface.

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Minwax® Polycrylic™ Protective Finish

A crystal clear, ultra fast-drying protective topcoat that protects and adds beauty to interior wood surfaces. It is ideal for use over light-colored woods and stains. Now available in Ultra Flat!

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Minwax® Water Based Oil-Modified Polyurethane

A topcoat that combines superior durability and the warm look of traditional polyurethane with the convenience of a water-based finish.

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Minwax® Performance Series Fast Dry Varnish

A premium, fast-drying varnish that seals and protects, allowing the true wood texture to show through. Available in Satin and Gloss finishes.

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Minwax® One Coat Polyurethane

One Coat Polyurethane lets you complete projects three times faster and its advanced formulation provides the same level of durability in one coat that is comparable to three coats of a conventional polyurethane.

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How To: Tips & Techniques

Learn how to make and keep wood beautiful at each step of your wood finishing project.