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Maintenance & Repair

Minwax® offers a variety of easy-to-use products to help clean and repair wood that is chipped, cracked, scratched, even decayed, to its original beauty.

Minwax® Wood Finish™ Stain Marker

Real Wood Finish™ stain in a convenient marker for easy touch-ups and staining. Also ideal for accents and small projects.

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Minwax® Blend-Fil® Pencil

Perfect for easy touch-up and repair of scratches and nail holes in stained and finished wood.

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Minwax® Color-Matched Wood Filler

A high-quality, no sand solution for defects in finished wood.

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Minwax® Wood Cabinet Cleaner

A cleaner specifically designed to remove dirt, grease, and grime from cabinets, furniture, doors and other wood surfaces, without leaving any residue.

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Minwax® Wood Putty®

A non-hardening, pre-mixed putty color-matched to Minwax® Wood Finish™ stains, and intended to repair minor scratches, gouges, and nail holes.

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Minwax® High Performance Wood Filler

A two-part wood filler for filling gouges, holes and damaged areas in wood.

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Minwax® High Performance Wood Hardener

A quick-drying liquid formulated to strengthen and reinforce decayed or rotting wood.

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How To: Tips & Techniques

Learn how to make and keep wood beautiful at each step of your wood finishing project.