Wood Preparation

The better the wood preparation, the better the final result. Minwax® Preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes.

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Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner

Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner penetrates the grain of the wood to promote uniform acceptance of oil-based wood stain.

  • Specifically designed to use before staining to help prevent streaking and blotching and help ensure a beautiful, even stain.
  • Quickly dries in 15 minutes to minimize project time.
  • Can be applied over any wood but is especially necessary when working with soft or porous woods like pine, alder, birch, and maple.

Minwax® Water-Based Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner

Minwax® Water-Based Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner penetrates the grain of the wood to promote uniform acceptance of water-based wood stains and helps control the effect of grain raising on both soft and hard woods.

  • Helps prevent streaking and blotching to ensure a beautiful, even stain for all water-based stains
  • Quickly dries in 5 minutes to minimize project time
  • Water-based formula makes for easy soap and water clean up

Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler

Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler is a stainable and paintable latex formula specially formulated to accept all Minwax® penetrating stains, including Minwax® Wood Finish, Minwax® Gel Stain and Minwax® WaterBased Stain.

  • Ideal for repairing cracks, small gouges, nail holes, knot holes and other defects in all types of unfinished indoor and outdoor wood surfaces
  • Stainable Wood Filler is specially formulated to accept Minwax® penetrating wood stains
  • It is designed for use with oil-based and water-based wood stains

Minwax® Antique Furniture Refinisher

Minwax® Antique Furniture Refinisher is a low viscosity, amber colored blend of solvents and wood conditioners used to dissolve varnish, shellac, and/or lacquer on all types of wood surfaces without harming the wood.

  • Contains natural wood oils that penetrate and condition wood
  • Does not remove paint or polyurethane
  • Perfect product for antique wooden furniture restoration

Minwax® Performance Series Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer

Available only at Sherwin-Williams. For an extremely smooth finish that builds to partially fill the grain, apply a coat of Minwax Performance Series Fast-Dry Sanding Sealer between the stain and the varnish. Just 1 hour after application, it sands quickly and easily to a fine powder, delivering great results with minimal time and effort. This sanding sealer builds even faster than two coats of varnish and is more forgiving of application inconsistencies - even if it drips or sags, it quickly sands out.

  • Quick dry allowing for sealing and varnishing in just one day
  • High-build coating
  • Helps seal wood grain

Minwax® Color Changing Wood Filler

Minwax Color-Changing Wood Filler is an easy to use solution for small defects in unfinished wood. The formula applies dries natural when it's ready to be sanded, allowing expert results for everyone!

  • Dries natural when it's ready to sand
  • Specially formulated to accept wood stains
  • Interior and exterior use